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Review : See Me by Wendy Higgins

*Warning: This review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

PublisherCreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 3/13/2014
Pages: 314
Source: Own

The Story:
While most seventeen-year-old American girls would refuse to let their parents marry them off to a stranger, Robyn Mason dreams of the mysterious McKale in Ireland, wondering how he'll look and imagining his cute Irish accent. Prearranged bindings are common for magical families like her own, however when she travels to the whimsical Emerald Isle she discovers there's more to her betrothal and McKale's clan than she was led to believe.
What starts as an obligatory pairing between Robyn and McKale morphs over time into something they both need. But one giant obstacle stands in the way of their budding romance: a seductive and deadly Fae princess accustomed to getting what she wants-and what she wants is McKale as her plaything. Love, desire, and jealousies collide as Robyn's family and McKale's clan must work together to outsmart the powerful Faeries and preserve the only hope left for their people.
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My Review: One word: MAGICAL

I loved this book! There was great humor, just the right dose of teen angst and romance mixed in with magical Irish lore. And considering I do NOT read faerie tales, See Me was a lovely surprise. Bravo Ms. Higgins!

The premise for the plot is interesting from the start. From the moment I read the blurb, I was a goner. Robyn Mason is an 17-year-old girl living in America with her parents and younger sister. Everything about her life has been pretty ordinary . . . except for a couple minor detail. Her parents are magical servants for the temperamental Fae. Oh, and she is betrothed to 50-year-old teenager who she has never met.

Before we get to the juicy part, let us start from the beginning. Robyn comes from a long line of human "helpers" of the Fae with some magical blood, the Dightheach. The Fae aren't exactly the biggest fans of humans and their mood can change in an instant. As it goes, there was an incident that forced Robyn's parents' hand. Thus, Robyn had been betrothed to McKale since infancy. And although she has been aware of the arrangement since childhood she does not know the full story of McKale and his clan. Much to my surprise, Robyn has never been against the arranged marriage or the the fact she has ever had contact with him (not even a letter) or has no idea what McKale looks like. In fact, she usually fantasized about the mysterious McKale of ancient magical blood and cute Irish accent and living in Ireland. However, being human, she did allow herself to imagine horrible scenarios now and then:

"Of all the truly frightening things worth worrying about, I held one selfish wish. Please . . . don't let McKale be too much shorter than me" (page 14).

But can you blame her? It is not easy being girl 5'11 tall.

Freshly graduated from high school and all set for her new adventure in Ireland, Robyn and her family make their way. But what is a story without a plot-twist every now and then (hehe)? Her mother drops a bomb on Robyn concerning the boy she is to marry. A bomb that total freaks her out. A bomb that Robyn's parents conveniently failed to warn her about all these years. Good thing they were all thousands of feet in the air in a plane, to late for Robyn to find in her bedroom back home.

Fate only cackles at her more when Robyn arrives in Ireland and meets the Fae Princess for the first time. Spoiled beyond repair, and deadly to boot, the Fae Princess has set her claws in McKale and does not intend to let him go so easily. She wants him as her plaything and an arranged marriage ordained by the Fae King's Consort will not stand in her way.

In See Me, Robyn must meet, get to know, fall in love with and marry McKale within a month's time all the while fend off the evil Fae Princess' advances in her betrothed . . . *without offending the Princess* or pay dearly.

Character Breakdown:

Robyn Mason - Ever since reading Rift (Creamer) and The Hunger Games (Collins) I have been on the Badass Girl Power bend. As such, I am more easily annoyed by female characters that fall into the "damsel in distress" role. Luckily, even when the odds were and although she wasn't a full out rebel, Robyn stood her ground. Robyn is a "real" character. She is relatable and I sympathized with her. The quote below really hit home with me, not because of what Robyn said but how she said it. It reminded me of my teenage years and the new, and exciting and the frustrating feelings I experienced.

"I was torn between wary of getting closer to him, and wishing he would seek me out and bare his soul. The inner turmoil made me grumpy" (page 126).

McKale - Hmm . . . I don't want to say too much about the mysterious McKale so you experience him entirely on your own -- trust me, you will thank me. I will only say that he is different from the normal stock of book boyfriends. Not the usual cup of tea (or hot chocolate in my case) but he is endearing and likable. I was skittish when I first met him but it was all for not ;)

"I suddenly became aware of his presence close behind me. I felt my ponytail lift and I stopped cranking. A slow turn of my head caught McKale letting the hair fall from his hand. He'd been smelling my hair. And now he wore an expression like a boy who'd been caught with his hand in the cookie jar" (page 56).

Cassidy Mason - Cassidy character is genius and by far my favorite character. She was freaking hilarious! Her personality was exuberant, making her presence jump of the pages. Not to mention she was a great sister to Robyn (which I adored). I also appreciated that Higgins gave Cassidy her own little side story -- one that I pray she continues in the future.

If you are a magical lore fanatic who enjoys romance and humor, See Me is definitely for you. Even if you aren't ... See Me is still for you. Give the book a try and I promise you will not regret it. I swear that on a Bookiedeeds Warrior's Oath!

Meet the Author:

USA Today and NY Times Bestselling author, Wendy Higgins, is a former High School English teacher living in Virginia with her husband and two children.

*** Check out Wendy Higgins' website for more information about her and See Me: HERE 

Happy Reading!


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