Review Policy


I will gladly accept books to review and would love to work with you to promote your books. And I am always on the lookout for new reads and it doesn't matter if you’re an author, publisher, or publicist, just so long as the book is Young Adult Fiction.

With that said, if you would like for me to review your book and help spread the word of its release -- and I do pray that you do -- you can send a copy of your book for review. Unfortunately, though, I do not read self-published books, and I can only accept hard copies ---no PDF files, please. I try to update this site almost every week with book reviews, and besides posting them here on The Tattered Page, all reviews are posted on and Amazon, maximizing the potential readers of the reviews – which are posted as soon as they are written – and therefore, your book.

I also welcome author interviews and I am willing to participate in blog tours.

I am more than happy to accept books already on the shelves and ARCs from authors, publishers, or publicists. I will also participate in hosting giveaways and author interviews. I’m always happy to have guest bloggers or to participate in blog tours. Guest blogs can be between 500-1000 words and can be on any subject.

Please make sure that your book is a good fit for this blog. I do, however, accept and review some Adult Romance titles.
Young Adult:
Urban Fantasy
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Supernatural/Paranormal Romance
Romantic Suspense
 Historical Romance


Unfortunately, I will not review self-published, non-fiction, classics, poetry, self-help, memoirs/biographies, or children’s books.
***And, any other sort of non-fiction that’s not listed.***
Sending me books does not guarantee that I will write a review, and I cannot guarantee the review will be positive. I believe in always offering an unbiased opinion in my reviews. It is never my intention to completely go into book-bashing rant but my reviews will definitely contain my honest impressions. I will always treat each book with respect. As aforementioned, I will also post my reviews on Amazon and GoodReads.
***If I can’t get into a book after 100 pages, I will post a “Did Not Finish Review” stating the reasons why I didn’t enjoy the novel***

If your book is in a series I will request all previous installments (unless I already own them and/or have read them) in that series, so please be prepared to send them along. I won’t read a series out of order.
Blog tours and any book that I request specifically will be given top priority. Unless specifically asked or requested, I try to read books offered to me for review within 2-4 weeks of receiving it. I will try to read each book that I receive in a timely manner but I do have time constraints. However, if your book needs the review posted by a certain date, please let me know so that I may accommodate you.
My reviews will include cover art, a synopsis of the novel, a link to the author’s website (if there is one), links to the purchasing website (usually Amazon), rating, reading tune if applicable, tag line, opening line, my personal thoughts about the book, and publication details. I will focus on the plot, character development, writing style, world-building, ending, and overall series.
Please feel free to contact me if interested with your review requests or any questions that you may have.



I am absolutely obsessed with this book and cannot stop 

thinking about it. It has been minted as one of my favorite 

books. Will force others to read it.

Loved it!!!!

This book was very good and overall I loved it! 

Will definitely recommend it.

Liked it!!!

I liked reading this book, but I wasn't blown away. 

I probably wouldn't reread it. May recommend it.


It wasn't the absolute worst, but I'm definitely 

disappointed I read it when I could've read something 

 else I would've enjoyed more.

Did not like it!

At all. Probably really pissed about it too.

Last but certainly not least, what bibliophile doesn't love a book giveaway? One, they are a great way to get readers riddled with anticipation for a book. And two, they make readers want to buy the book themselves even more. I love concocting contests for giving away books so if you're interested in donating copies for contest purposes please consider me! Bookmarks, postcards, flyers, or buttons that advertise your books are also very welcome. Bookstores are my second home so I would love to distribute them and mail fun packs of promo material.

If you have any special inquiries, questions, or concerns please email me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Reading!

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