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Review : They All Fall Down by Roxanne St. Claire

*Warning: This review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

PublisherDelacorte Press 
Release DateOctober 14, 2014
Pages: 352
Source: Own

The Story:

Pretty Little Liars meets Final Destination in this YA psychological thriller that will have readers’ hearts racing right till the very end!
Every year, the lives of ten girls at Vienna High are transformed.
All because of the list.
Kenzie Summerall can’t imagine how she’s been voted onto a list of the hottest girls in school, but when she lands at number five, her average life becomes dazzling. Doors open to the best parties, new friends surround her, the cutest jock in school is after her.
This is the power of the list. If you’re on it, your life changes.
If you’re on it this year? Your life ends.
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THREE Gold Stars!!!

My Review

I was so excited to read They All Fall Down! And I am glad I did. Stories about serial killers was never a big taste of mine but after reading downpour, I have been on a serial killer binge.

Tag Line:

Every girl would die to be on the list.

Opening Line:

I runaway from home in a downpour.


The premise of 
They All Fall Down is what caught my attention. A Top 10 Hottie List of girls that start to end up dead. One. By. One. How could I not read the story?

On that note, there was action from the first page. A car accident that nearly kills the protagonist, Kenzie, and a mysterious text message about being fifth on The List that disappears after she reads it.

And the plot thickens!

I also appreciated the underlying plot conflict that made the overall plot more meaty, adding to the story and tie it all together. Kenzie carries the burden of her older brother's death, her parents' separation and her mother's overbearing protectiveness spurs the storyline.

The plot had a good balance of thrills, chills, plot-twists and romance. I enjoyed the writing style. It flowed and didn't bog down. There was no downtime in the story and I think that helped keep me enthralled.

Character Breakdown:

Kenzie Summerall - Kenzie is relatable and real. Actually, I really enjoyed reading her character, getting to know her. She is confident in an understated, smart girl way.

Molly Kenzie's best friend. She drove me nuts! I thought she was irritating, inconsiderate, pushy and basic. Molly kept bugging Kenzie about basking in the shadow of Kenzie's newfound popularity -- she wanted to be there and would not let Kenzie forget it.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from They All Fall Down:

Kenzie & Hot Guy (you'll have to read to find out): "So you know I don't want to be his girlfriend." I close my eyes and reaches up to touch his hair. Oh my God, I could touch this hair forever. "I want to be yours."
He kisses me again, then trails a few down my neck, making me want to scream. "You already are," he whispers.
"I am?"
"You think I'm going to fly through the jungle to save just any girl?" -- pages 236-237

***Check out Roxanne St. Claire's website for more information about her and the They All Fall DownHERE

Happy Reading!


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