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Review - Part 2A : Vixen - Speak Low by Jillian Larkin

*Warning: This review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.
Release Date: December 14, 2010
Publisher: Ember
Release Date: August 9, 2011
Pages: 448
Source: First Look, Barnes and Noble*

*This ARC was provided by Barnes and Noble and reviewers were asked to review it in parts.

My Review Part 2A: One Word: SWELL

For the 1920's meaning of "Swell" look it up under "S": HERE

Roaring Love! Part two of VIXEN, Speak Low, was definitely all about love; Falling in love, and falling out of love in the Roaring 20s. Case in point, I have to say I do not believe that there are no regrets with love. I also think it is important to love in your lifetime and not be scared or embarrassed to love. But I do say that even if you really love someone that you can still harbor regrets. Take for instance a couple that fell in love at a young age and grew up to fast – having children or getting married too young – while they may truly love each other one or both persons may regret not doing certain things – graduating from college, traveling or just going out and having fun while they were young -- or rushing into the life they willfully chose instead of waiting a few more years.

However, I do agree with Clara when she stated that even if the love turns out badly it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll regret it. For one example, falling in love with the “wrong” person – whether wrong entirely or just wrong for you – can teach a person a lot about themselves. Self evolution can be a monumental result of falling in love with the wrong person – or any person for that matter. Falling in love can reveal what qualities you desire and deserve in a companion, make you grateful for the people you have in your life who already love you and those who will possibly love you in the future. The experience can make you stronger, as well as better equipped to handle loving someone – good or bad – or being loved by someone the next time around. But most of all, falling in love can teach you one of the most essential lessons on love: how to love yourself.

With all this talk about VIXEN love I just realized that Clara and Marcus are my favorite love couple. The ex-playgirl falls for the playboy. So does Clara falling for yet another playboy, Marcus, show readers that she hasn’t indeed changed? Is that a bad thing? Vixen love couple number two is – drum roll please -- ... Jerome and Gloria. They take second place since I am pos-i-lute-ly interested in seeing where their prohibited love will lead them. “Romeo and Juliet” finally took hold of their lives and didn’t continue to let ignorant society, controlling family or disproving friends dictate who they should love, what they should do about their love, where and when they can love and why they should or shouldn’t love the person they love. I think Jerome and Gloria deserve laurels for that!

On that note, so Lorraine didn’t spill the beans to Bastian about Gloria’s secret. I have to say, I am ... not surprised. While Lorraine can be a bit on the distasteful side I never suspected her of betraying Gloria beyond her kiss with Bastian. She was absolutely distraught about that kiss so I had my doubts about her ratting Gloria out and she genuinely seems to want Gloria to be her best friend again – not break ties. Besides although I think Lorraine may be a villain in the making she is still in the developmental stages.

Memorable Quotes:

Clara and Marcus:

“‘Hello there, handsome,’ Clara said, tugging at his silk tie.
He kissed her on the cheek. ‘Don’t think I didn’t see your little pose over there, Miss Clara. Did they teach you in Pennsylvania how to make those sultry eyes for the camera?’
‘Marcus! Don’t you dare say that dirty word here,’ she said, taking a sip of his seltzer.
‘I wasn’t aware that sultry was a dirty word.’
‘I meant Pennsylvania.” – Page 345

***My review is in a 4 part series: 1A1Band 2B***

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