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Review - Part 1B : Vixen - Speakeasy by Jillian Larkin

*Warning: This review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Publisher: Ember
Release Date: August 9, 2011
Pages: 448
Source: First Look, Barnes and Noble*

*This ARC was provided by Barnes and Noble and reviewers were asked to review it in parts.

My Review Part 1B: One Word: HOTSY-TOTSY

For the 1920's meaning of "Hotsy-Totsy" look it up under "H": HERE

Yes, the second half of VIXEN's Part I contains plenty of action and surprises.

As luck would have it I do believe our playboy, Marcus Eastman, is indeed genuinely falling for Clara. But is it Clara or Country Clara? Does it matter? Will the gorgeous Marcus get a dose of his own medicine and have his heart broken by the ex-flapper Country Clara and her secrets? Speaking of Clara’s closet of skeletons, I wonder who’s sending her the creepy notes. My majority guess was the notes’ sender was the guy back in NYC who shattered her. But then again I thought maybe it could have been a jealous psycho debutante out for revenge on the up and coming Country Clara? Though as the book continued Clara finally had a rather interesting encountered with a mister Harris Brown -- the creepy note sender in the flesh.

So Clara isn’t the only VIXEN girl living a double-life. Gloria seems to be coming into her own. I mean she’s falling for Jerome, a black man – talk about taboo in the Roaring 20s, converting into a full-fledged flapper, sneaking out of the house, and starting a “career” as a speakeasy singer. Gloria definitely gives a 360 degree transformation a whole new definition. But let’s get back to Jerome, the Mr. Hot & Cold, I think he can handle himself so why is Vera – his sister – so protective of him? Is it justifiable? Well I think Vera is the way she is plain and simple: Gloria is a white girl. And for a black man in their time to be consorting with a white woman could get Jerome killed and I take it that he is probably the only family Vera has left. On that note I think it is justifiable for Vera to be protective of her brother. Nonetheless, how much longer do you think Vera can protect Jerome from the alluring hold that is Gloria? Watch out the elite and the oblique of Chicago, here comes Gloria Carm – oops – Gloria Carson!

Poor girl Lorraine does it again ... and again ... and yes you’ve guessed it, again. Illegal drinks with Carlito Macharelli and late night visits with Sebastian Grey that just may have included a leak about Gloria’s stage time at the Green Mill.

Memorable Quotes:

Clara and Marcus:

“’You left me with quite the first impression,’ Clara said, trying not to reveal too much. ‘I’m still not over it.’
‘You mean you found me irresistibly attractive?’
‘More like irredeemably aggressive.’
‘I thought I redeemed myself after our date!’ Marcus protested, sliding down to the floor and leaning against the bed.” – Page 209

***My review is in a 4 part series: 1A, 2Aand 2B***

Happy Reading!


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