Friday, March 4, 2016

New Book Review Rating System!

Hey Bookies!

As you may have noticed, my Rating System received a facelift! YAY! Last year (I think hehe) The Tattered Page received a facelift but I never got around to my Rating System. I did not know what I wanted the new one to look like or how it would rate.

Unfortunately, I deleted the old Rating System before I decided to write this post. Having said that, the old Rating System was a simple star system. But the descriptions for each star rating did not feel adequate when I found myself giving 3-star rating to most of the books I read. The main problem with my old Rating System is that I gave 3-star ratings to almost everything because the Rating System wasn't specific enough. For example, I gave 3-star rating to a book I thought was okay but didn't exactly like and to a book I liked but didn't really like -- see what I am getting at here? Moreover, a 4-star rating meant I loved the book while a 5-star rating meant it was the most amazing book ever. As you can see, the old Rating System was skewed in an unrealistic fashion.

And this is the new one:

The new Rating System is inspired by my favorite Disney story . . . Beauty & the Beast. The little icon is the Beast's Enchanted Rose. Why did I choose the Enchanted Rose? Well, I'm sure the answer is obvious but I put it out there anyway. I LOVE BEAST & THE BEAST. Since I was younger I felt a kinship with Belle. I felt like her, different from others and yearning for adventure, and we both prefer being buried in the pages of a book rather than participating in reality! Not to mention, her soulmate gives her a library! How freaking awesome is that?! Having said that, I thought using the Enchanted Rose in my Rating System was a nice play on a childhood - and an adulthood, let's be honest -- treasure. Moreover, this Rating System more encompassing and sensitive to the impressions I actually tend to have about the books I read.

What are your thoughts on the new Rating System? Should I try to incorporate more Beauty & the Beast details? Any ideas or suggestions?

Happy Reading!


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