Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Top Secret Bookish Project: Unveiling & Launch

Hey Bookies!

The time has finally come to unveil my Top Secret Bookish Project!

For the last month, I have been working hard developing a bookish project I am so excited to share with you.

Everyone meet Booked All Week! A 2018 Booklover's Planner.

Booked All Week! is the ideal 12-month planner for Booklovers. It is a full-color, 158-page planner. Filled with a towering TBR pile you can write on, infamous bookish quotes, daily features to keep track of your current read  and other little surprises.

There are 10 planners available on The Tattered Page Etsy shop. Full planner details: HERE

*Not so* Secret Bookish Project - Phase 1
           *Research, design development, focus polls

*Not so* Secret Bookish Project - Phase 2:
           *Purchase materials, finalize designs

*Not so* Secret Bookish Project - Phase 3:
           *Product production, set up Etsy store

*Not so* Secret Bookish Project - Phase 4:
           *Launch product

*Not so* Secret Bookish Project - Phase 5
           *Customer feedback

I would love to hear any of you guys' thoughts, please comment them down below!

Happy Reading!


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