Monday, January 18, 2016

Recap : My first ALAMW !

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to head up to Boston to attend the American Library Association Midwinter 2016 convention for the first time! And I have to say: WHOA! ALA Midwinter was exactly like everyone told me -- it was quite similar to BookExpo America, except a lot more chill. And I absolutely loved it!!! My Guy and I will definitely be heading down to Orlando for ALA Annual this year. 

Anywho, on to the exciting stuff. Being my first time at ALA I did not snap as many photos as I wanted because I was scrambling around and it completely slipped my mind but here is what I managed . . . 

 Day 0: Friday, January 8th

Where we stayed in Boston - thanks for Airbnb

Across from the train station - convenience at its finest

My Guy resting up before picking up our badges

 Day 1: Saturday, January 9th

The focus of our first day at ALAMW was to gather our bearings and feel our ways through. And to try to get as any of the books from The Kill List as we could. What a magical, exhilarating day it was!
The Exhibit Hall was perfectly laid out

Harlequin Teen booth

The Kill List

Taking a break with my bookish buddy, Grace, from Grace Books of Love
Day 1 Book Haul

Day 2: Sunday, January 10th

Our main goal for Day 2 was to focus on what we missed on The Kill List, plus anything else that caught our eyes.

I spy some authors in the wild ... 
Apparently, My Guy is a Super Reader
Day 2 Book Haul

Day 3: Monday, January 11th

Monday was our last day in Boston and the last day of ALAMW16. *Insert sad face* So, our main focus was to champion the booth giveaways. And man, did we do well! 

Harper gave away 2 ARCs and 2 hardcovers with the option of returning to the line to have another go. Penguin gave away 3 from PenguinTeen and 3 from Penguin/Randomhouse. All of the other publishers pretty much did the same and gave you what you asked for.
Holy Harper Teen booth!
Magnificent Madness at ALAMW

Sooo many HEAVY bags to lug back home.

Day 3 Book Haul

The Aftermath:


Progress . . .
Had to put up new shelves #HomeDepotToTheRescue

Lastly, I want to thank all of the publishers for their hard-work and generosity for allowing us book reviewers and librarians the opportunity to meet them, to read such amazing stories and to pass the love of books on to others. I think I can speak for us all when I say we greatly appreciate it!

Did you get a chance to go to ALAMW16? If so, how was it? Link your recap down below. If not, don't worry, I'll be hosting giveaways in the near future :)

Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

Wow, for me ALA is the opposite of chill. I usually leave dehydrated, exhausting, body in pain from walking and carrying books, hungry because you forget to eat, sweaty. I always enjoy it and Annual in Orlando is even better than Midwinter because all the authors will be there.

Sounds like you had fun and I hope to see you at Annual.
Dawn at @bangbangbooks

Jess I. said...

How fun! This was definitely an event I looked forward to. Though I don't live close enough to attend, it's still fun seeing everyone's recap & ginormous book hauls. Some books I wish I had are Caraval, Ivory and Bone, and The Reader. Hope you can go next time!

Jess @Princessica of Books

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